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3D Motions for 2D Animation Production Now a Reality


Cartoon Animator 4.4 Releases with 3D Motion Converter and Motion Link Plug-in

The world of animation traditionally has a set of tools devoted to 2D or 3D, now with the release of Cartoon Animator 4.4, 3D Motion Converter, and the Motion Link plug-in the benefits of 3D motion have arrived for 2D animators. The new motion transfer technology from Reallusion connects Cartoon Animator and iClone for a blend of features for 3D motion import and editing through the two animation applications. Even motion libraries like ActorCore are now able to import into Cartoon Animator. The Reallusion ecosystem is innovating to bring the vital resource of 3D motion to 2D animators with Cartoon Animator 4.4 and the Motion Link Plug-in.

Why do 2D Animators & Creators need 3D Motions?

  • Quantity – There are a massive amount of 3D motions available on the market through the ActorCore online motion library, Reallusion Content Store, and iClone’s ability to bring in any 3D motion and project them to any angle, 2D storytelling is made easier with more motion resources.
  • Quality – 3D motions are mocap that provides delicate & realistic animation that can fully translate to the Cartoon Animator 2D character rig.  Balance speed with productivity and complex moves with moving on with your story. 3D motion for 2D animation achieves z-axis animation that’s almost impossible for most to keyframe.

3D Motion Converter – Import 3D motions to 2D animations

Cartoon Animator develops a revolutionary animation approach with the proud advancement from 3D motion to 2D animation. It extends its compatibility to 3D Motion, allowing users to import 3D animations and project the motion to 2D characters with an unprecedented, game-changing feature for 2D animators to unlock tons of 3D motions for high-quality and diverse character animation.

“What actually got me was the simplicity of the product. The 3D to 2D motion conversion was easy to set up, and it really works.” 

– Disney FX animator Declan Walsh

Key Features:

  • Simply control 3D motion projection angle for 2D animation with a slider.
  • Delicately transfer hand, body, and toe animation
  • Z-Axis makes your 2D animation shots more appealing with 3D motion.
  • Experience the best practice of side scroller animation for 2D games

Motion Link is a plugin that links iClone and CTA for a 3D motion pipeline to 2D characters. Users can real-time preview 2D animation with 3D motions from iClone, fine-tune the animation with customizable projection angles, and record the editing process to ensure the best animation quality. Reallusion takes a huge leap by building an ecosystem that combines 3D motions and 2D animation together, removing the barriers that commonly constrain 2D creators.

“It’s really easy to control 2D characters with iClone.The animation itself worked great, didn’t need much or any adjustments in 2D,”
–  Matt Bissett-Johnson, Cartoonist and animator.

Key Features:

  • Live Link 3D (iClone) & 2D (CTA) for 3D motion editing
  • Powerful real-time motion editing
  • Create multi-character animation
  • Bring in any 3D motion data(BVH, FBX) to Cartoon Animator.

3D Motion Resources Available for Speedy Production

Not only does Reallusion develop the technology to bring in 3D motion for 2D animation, but it also broadens its ecosystem by providing a vault of motion resources to help creators access more resources. Especially with the new ActorCore platform release, it will also explore the potential for more motions coming from the developers.

  • Sampler Pack, the 3D Motion Sampler contains 80 2D animation sequences converted from 3D mocap animations in various genres. This sampler is designed to show how 2D animators can easily achieve these performances by using 3D motions.
  • iClone 300+ Embedded Motion, if the users have iClone, 300+ motions included with iClone are compatible with Cartoon Animator. Moreover, you can bring in any format of motion and convert it through iClone to Cartoon Animator.

Learn more about:

Cartoon Animator – 3D Motion Converter:

Cartoon Animator – iClone : Motion Link:

Motion Sampler: Cartoon Animator 4:

Motion LIVE 2D:

Pricing and Availability:  One can now get Cartoon Animator 4 with a sampler pack starting at USD$159 in Reallusion Software Store. For purchase and pricing, please visit –

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