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ActorCore Innovates the Motion Capture Marketplace – The Premium Online Motion Capture Library


AAA motion capture to fit any size project, game, film or budget

Reallusion, the developer of Character Creator and iClone, known for its real-time character creation and animation, launches a browser-based 3D motion platform:  ActorCore. ActorCore offers one of the most diverse 3D mocap motion libraries with thousands of high-quality character motions for the Business, Training, Archiviz, Film, and Game industries.  

“Reallusion strives to continually revolutionize Character Creation and Character Animation.  Motion assets and motion capture is the most time-saving and effective ingredient to give life to all characters, and studios do much of their production relying on mocap libraries. ActorCore is a steady source for the highest quality motion capture. We’ve carefully planned our performance collections and are now delivering thousands of premium and professional on-demand sequences. ActorCore focuses on quality and accessibility to easily acquire the motions you need.” Charles Chen, CEO, Reallusion Inc.

ActorCore official trailer:

Why ActorCore is a Better Way to Shop for Motions

Differing from random mocap data collection offered by most mocap animation stores, Reallusion designs motions by themes from the very beginning. The motions cover games, films, movies, and visualization applications, which means users can find motion by “Pack” and a range of other useful collaborative moves. All ActorCore motion assets are guaranteed to the highest optical capture quality standard.

  • ActorCore is a searchable, interactive library with themed motions available by single purchase or by motion packs for the best value.
  • ActorCore motions are multi-platform ready for Unreal, Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, C4D, iClone, and Cartoon Animator.
  • Searchability is the key, innovative browsing with animated thumbnails. assets categorized by genre, relevance, tags for similar motion style
  • Comprehensive pack video demo facilitates easy procurement for individuals and teams.  
  • The AAA quality mocap library is exclusively detailed with fingers, toes animation, perfect foot to ground contact, and no sliding.

Explore, Search, Interact – Unparalleled Browser 3D Experience

Users can access Actorcore’s 3D motion library simply through a web browser. Exceptional performance optimization gives users the best interactive 3D viewing experience on PC, Mac, or even mobile phones running iOS or Android. 

In addition to keyword search, users can explore mocap animations by category. Each motion sequence is presented with an animated thumbnail for users’ quick identification. Click to view the full length 3D animation with mirror and root motion options or download them with a chosen frame rate – 24fps, 30fps, and 60 fps.  Choose to view motions by Pack (themes) or by single Items, and select preset models to preview motions on different body types.

Intuitive UI Design for Online Interactive 3D motion viewport with ability to effectively select and preview motions.

Connect with Unreal, Unity, Blender, Autodesk ,and Cinema 4D

ActorCore’s character animation library is compatible with most popular 3D programs including Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Motion Builder, Blender, 3ds max, Cinema4D, iClone, and Cartoon Animator. Once users purchase the motions, users can download their target motion format anytime from the inventory. ActorCore also provides AutoSetup and Character Presets to let users easily retarget motions to their chosen 3D characters, step-by-step guide and intro video are provided to let new users easily master this workflow.

Motions to Meet Popular Production Demands

To meet the mocap motion demands from different industries, ActorCore offers well-planned motion themes designed for business, archiviz, dance, daily life, medieval and combat, suitable for projects from games, films, visualizations and more. 

Motion pack videos preview the quality contents of each pack, and convey its best application.

Seamless Transition Between Motions

For any film or video project, the character motion is usually a planned and throughout process. Thus, Reallusion’s specially designed motion system provides smooth transitions between primary and secondary stance modes, offering high flexibility for professional animation production, and interactive game character controls. 

Welcome Mocap Studios & Experienced Animators to Join ActorCore

ActorCore currently has over 1000 high-quality motions at time of launch, and will rapidly expand with cooperation from its vast developer community. Reallusion is welcoming mocap studios and experienced animators to bring their motions to ActorCore. Contact for more information.

Reallusion is celebrating 20 years with special offers

Reallusion is celebrating its 20th anniversary with limited time special offers. Learn more about the year-end campaign:

Sign up now for free motions valued at $100:

iClone/CC/CTA users, or new purchase of 10,000 DA Points ($100) can get 82 motions worth $200 for free (Limited time offer):

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