Bridging Character Creator 3 and Marvelous Designer with Akeytsu

Andee Antillon – the 3rd place winner in Digital Human Contest 2020, was invited by Nukeygara to share her workflow of using Akeytsu to bridge Character Creator and Marvelous Designer, on how to do posing and camera setting before rendering.

In this article, she details her workflow and shares a few tips about project management when building a pipeline involving the use of multiple creative software applications.


Start by creating your character with Reallusion’s Character Creator 3 (CC3). To export to Akeytsu you can choose the Unity or Unreal Engine 4 FBX preset. In my experience Unity gives better results.

After you’ve exported your character into akeytsu, you can pretty much work with the skeleton and skinning weights that you have. Additional IK-controls can be easily set for arms and feet through the Rig Atelier. This will later help me build a nice pose for Sienna.

As for blendshapes you’ll need to create controllers for them. For this I referenced SkySurfer’s facial rig. I also encourage you to take a look at the dedicated tutorial on blendshape controls. Once directional mouse controls have been set, you’ll find it really easy to sculpt a facial expression.

I would recommend removing the additional eye meshes (Eye occlusion and Tearline) that come with CC3 that are mostly there for render, since they have separated shapes for blink and other eye-related deformations.

–This article is originally published on the Akeytsu official website, and Reallusion is authorized the rights of reposting. For the full article, please visit the Akeytsu website.

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