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Vector Graphic Specialist brings High Quality Content to Cartoon Animator


Serg Pilypencos

For many years, artist Serg Pilypencos has specialized in vector graphics as a content contributor to online sites with his unique visual style. Providing custom orders for illustrations, banner designs, and others.

While currently working to create more characters, assets and content for the Cartoon Animator community and 2D Marketplace, Serg took time out to talk to Reallusion about his passion and projects.

“Cartoon Animator is easy even without a lot of experience in animation.”

Serg Pilypencos / 2D Content Developer

Q: Hello Serg, and welcome. Can you tell us about your background and your work? And also, when and why you started working on 2D graphic design?

A few years I was engaged in searching for a profession which was most suitable for me. I tried many different types of business, worked like a hired employee in different spheres, but I was always attracted to creativity.

So 6 years ago I remembered my favorite childhood hobby – drawing. Later I also accidentally saw works of some professional artist in black-and-white style, so I began to draw on paper something similar. People were asking me to draw portraits for them, and I happily obliged.

Here are some examples of what I did:

Q: Kindly share with us some of the work you`re currently doing.

Mostly right now I am working on creating scenes and animated objects. After creating my compositions and drawing all the elements I upload them into Cartoon Animator and start work with composing scene.

“Cartoon Animator so convenient to work with layers, because layers correctly configured within scenes become more realistic and look deeper thanks to the Z-axis and parallax scrolling.”

Serg Pilypencos / 2D Content Developer

Sometimes I create characters, but more interesting for me to work with are environment graphics. I just recently started to try myself as an animator and it`s very exciting and fascinating when I can just create scenes in my mind and watch drawn objects and characters come alive on the screen. And in Cartoon Animator it`s so easy even without a lot of experience in 2D animation.

Q: Why did you choose Cartoon Animator as a platform to create your content?

From the moment I became interested in 2D animation I considered many platforms, but Cartoon Animator for me is clear and intuitive to use. It`s easy to figure out how different tools and functions work, and at the same time Cartoon Animator has varied abilities.

Also as a content developer I see great prospects in creating content for Cartoon Animator’s 2D Marketplace because more and more artists and designers use this platform for their projects, so I can produce content for a huge community and it may be in demand.

Q: What would you say is your favorite genre or theme to work with?

Mostly I like to create different environments. Usually it`s urban landscapes, scenes for business, corporal life, themes relating to education, daily life and also futuristic scenes.

My choice of theme often depends on the mood of the current moment. Sometimes I get some ideas in mind while walking around town, occasionally I intentionally analyze themes that might be in high demand and sell well and follow trends in art, but I try to balance between these approaches.

As for the style, I draw in vector graphic and often experiment with different art styles. I like flat and cartoonish style and at the same time always try to give my own touch, some individual parts in already existing styles. Because it`s so cool when you`re looking at someone`s work and you can easily to identify the author.

Q: What advice would you have for aspiring developers looking to break into the Reallusion Marketplace to sell their content?

In my opinion the best advice is to do every job as best as possible, and always work on improving skills when creating content. If you look at your old work and you don`t like it, then it`s a good sign because it means your skills grew and your work became better. Also personally, before I create content I always think about how and where customers can potentially use this content.

“Quality content will always attract buyers in the Marketplace. “

Serg Pilypencos / 2D Content Developer

I think if you stick to these simple rules then success is inevitable. Joining the “Theme Store” in the Reallusion Marketplace can also raise interest in content and boost sales. 

Q: Do you have plans for future content in the works?

I think that I will continue to introduce something new to the community as I go along. I plan to continue creating new content trying to experiment with different styles based on the feedback that I get from my customers on Reallusion Marketplace.

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