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Part-time Artist Discovers Cartoon Animator and aims to be a Full-time Content Developer

Michael Choate – Artist, Content Developer, Animator

Michael Choate

Michael Choate is a part-time artist, but after discovering Cartoon Animator, he now has a strong desire to take his art to a new level and become a full-time artist and 2D animation content developer, creating entire worlds of assets for other animators.

Drawing inspiration from the world around him including his own neighbourhood, Michael’s enthusiasm and passion for his work are the driving forces in his goal to dominate the 2D Marketplace.



“When it comes to ease, Cartoon Animator is unmatched! I found Cartoon Animator and the ease of it blew my mind. It is so quick to just open Cartoon Animator and start animating, and this program has attracted so much talent and kind people that the benefits of the community are a plus.”

Michael Choate – Artist, Content Developer, Animator

Q: Hello Michael and welcome to our Feature Stories. Could you please tell us about the work you’re doing with Cartoon Animator?

Hi, and thank you for having me. I am currently working on some small projects for clients and continuing to expand my Everyday People theme series and my collections in the Reallusion 2D Marketplace. 

My goal is for the Everyday People series to be ‘Sim’ like and I would like to create a complete city and assets from stores to living spaces, to anything you find in a city.   Who knows maybe I’ll create the next Reallusion city haha! 

Q: Could you tell us, why did you choose Cartoon Animator as the platform to create your content?

I’m a part-time artist but have spent the most time designing logos and vector animations for clients.  I never did my own animations so I would always have to have someone do my animation work. I dabbled with other programs but it was too time-consuming to learn to animate my drawings.  Then I found Cartoon Animator and the ease of it blew my mind. Now I’m no pro but within a week I was able to do small animations on my own work.  It was enough to please my clients.  

“Then I found Cartoon Animator and the ease of it blew my mind. Now I’m no pro but within a week I was able to do small animations on my own work.  It was enough to please my clients.” 

Michael Choate – Artist, Content Developer, Animator

As I’m learning vector animation they are reaping the benefits of my work getting better and better through animations. Then I met the community that works with this program such as Garry Pye, Dex Art, Anita Bell and the up-and-coming talented Jop Govers. I think Covid has impacted us all and many of us working in art and animation have to work alone.  The support system in the Cartoon Animator community, with the ability to bounce ideas off each other and collaborate on projects, are above any program I have seen.  

What’s the old saying?  If you build it they will come.  Well, this program has attracted so much talent and kind people that the benefits of the community are a plus.

Q: As an artist, what is your favourite genre or theme to work with?

City life is really my top project at the moment. I love to drive around where I live and get inspiration from my neighbourhood. I live in Denver and it is very scenic and full of inspiration.  I out of all things love outer space and have some fun projects coming with sci-fi themes that I think the community will enjoy. 

Q: Now that you are familiar with the tool, do you find the process of creating cartoon characters and content for Cartoon Animator easy and enjoyable?

Too much!   When you are an artist, creating animation work is one thing but bringing it to life is another level… Cartoon Animator makes this happen. The other creations from artists are also great tools to add to my projects for clients.  It’s great to collide my world with animation work created by another artist.  When it comes to ease, Cartoon Animator is unmatched. If I’m in a bind for a project then the stores are great for picking up a great cartoon character or asset to complete my projects.  

Q: What are the advantages of using Cartoon Animator as your primary 2D animation software

There are so many! Most importantly are time savings.  It is so quick to just open Cartoon Animator and start animating. The learning curve for this 2D animation software is quick and if you get stuck, the community is awesome to help. Then, if you need a quick asset, just head to the 2D Marketplace. More time saved! And best of all, I can make money while I use the program. The store is free to put my content in and it gives artists, developers and animators a great platform for building their brand.

Q: As more users adopt Cartoon Animator as their go-to 2D animation software, what advice would you have for inspiring developers looking to break into the Reallusion Marketplace and sell their content?

Believe in yourself.  You have talent and people will enjoy it. There are a lot of great artists in the marketplace, so find what you like to create the most (mine happens to be scenes) and be creative.  I set time aside everyday to devote to developing  content to continue to build my brand.  And you have to enjoy it.  I forget that I’m making money sometimes, because I enjoy it so much. Love what you do and it’s never work.

Also listen. There are a lot of great people in the community willing to help and give advice. Listen to them as they have great help. 

Q: As you continue to create more content, what plans do you have for future content in the works?

 I’m kind of excited to brag that in my first month I’ve produced over 30 scenes and I think I have about 6 themes running. I have a rough idea in my head of my road map for future content.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I’m starting an exciting holiday series, and some fun add-on holiday packs to enhance the everyday series scenes I have created already.

I think people will see a lot of city work continuing from me.  Honestly the doors open if the community has a need or current events lead me in a direction I’ll go there.  I get inspired a lot by my daily events so I’m sure I’ll have tons of exciting content for the community coming this year still.  

Q: Lately, what projects have you most recently been working on?

Most recently I have been working hard on my City scenes. I’ve slowed down my releases as I’ve been working on mixing iClone work  and Cartoon Animator work together, so look for some exciting animation work coming in that area also (self promotion for my future iClone work coming up!).  I’ve experimented with cartoon character creation, but honestly I love scenes, so expect a lot more scenes coming from me including the simple series. 

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