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Character Creator 4 – Elevating Digital Humans


Work in Progress : Part Two 

In WIP I, we demonstrated the huge potential future of inclusive 3D character creation by unveiling Character Creator 4’s capability to enliven any character and animate any rig.

In WIP II, we’d like to emphasize the freedom of Scalable Expression Editing with the help of 60 to 140 morphs. One such feature is to offer 140 morphs to help create convincing details on digital humans in real-time. Meanwhile, providing 60 morphs for users to easily adapt mo-cap data with optimal files, making Character Creator 4 a complete pipeline for major 3D platforms.

With the real-time Smart Skin Shader, the skin regions of characters can be identified automatically for quick color adjustment. Not only can skin color be adapted to avatars of any ethnicity with ease, but also high-fidelity digital humans can be efficiently created from scratch to make your own characters.

Scalable Expression Editing : 60 to 140 Morphs

In Character Creator 4, Standard level (60+) and Extended level (140+) are provided to help users edit expressions with adjustable morphs. The 60+ morphs in the Standard level are compatible with major 3D software supporting ARKit, while the 140+ morphs enable fine control over the nuances of the character’s expressions.

• Standard level: 60+ morphs

Covering 11 main facial features for the 3d head in the Standard level : Brow, Eye Blink, Eyelid, Eye Look, Nose, Cheek, Mouth Base, Mouth Blend, Jaw, Tongue, and Head.

• Extended level: 140+ morphs

Other than the additional sliders added to the 11 features of the Standard level, the Extended level has 4 extra features (Eye Lash, Eye Ball (pupil), Neck and Ear) for adding nuances.

• Flexibly upgrade to Extended level or downgrade to Standard level with a single click.

Smart Skin Shader : Fast Color Alteration 

The world comprises a variety of ethnic groups, and we believe that should be represented in the digital world as well. To faithfully reflect the diversity of human beings, Character Creator 4 provides four color bases: black, red, yellow and white to speed up the process of creating different ethnicity at the beginning.

Users can quickly switch between different color bases to customize their own characters by adjusting luminosity, or blending with other colors of the skin. In addition, by directly choosing the desired colors, users can enjoy creating new skin colors for the characters they dream up – recreating the Hulk or The Mask, for example.

Non-skin areas will be automatically detected and excluded while adjusting the skin tone.

Smart Skin Shader : Solid Skin

By adjusting the Blend Strength slider, users can change skin colors while maintaining the original details of the characters. One can optimize the skin textures either by altering the Color Tones or importing different Blendmaps. Furthermore, thanks to the real-time skin shader design, users can instantly change the character’s skin tone across four hi-res skin materials (face, body, hands, and legs) all at once.

Smart Skin Shader : Skin Optimization

(for Headshot plugin)

For Headshot plugin users, the Solid Skin feature can easily de-noise the excessive details, and neutralize the deviation of the front and the side textures to derive the most life-like skin. In effect, helping to create more natural 3D heads with high fidelity and refined appearances that can be appreciated on close-up and from afar.

Bake shader color to texture

Once users finish their customized design, they can easily bake the shader color to the skin texture by clicking the Bake Skin Color to Diffuse Map button, which is exportable and ready for Live Link.

You can check the 3D Character Creation & Animation webpage for more information about the free upgrade offer, feature comparison, and FAQs. If you’re interested in the Character Creator 4 motto of “Enlivening any Character” and “Animating any Rig”, you can refer to the article ‘Working in Progress: Part One. For more technical details, please have a look at our latest New Features Introduction, which will be updated continuously in the coming months.

If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team, or join the discussion at Reallusion Forum.

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