Artificial Intelligence turns audio into realistic music performances with Character Creator

Using cutting edge AI, Concert Creator analyzes audio recordings and turns them into hyper-realistic music performances and music lessons. The AI was trained on real professional musicians, to faithfully present accurate and human-like results.

Concert Creator uses AI and cutting edge graphics to produce hyper-realistic music animations. Inside users find tools to customize all aspects of the AI generated music; from camera angles, key colors, lighting effects and more. 

The project is the brainchild of Fayez Salka; a medical doctor, software entrepreneur, 3D artist and musician who is the co-founder of IMAGINE XR – a development studio that combines machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality and real time 3d graphics to deliver cutting edge experiences for handheld devices and XR headsets.

Concert Creator uses machine learning, with Character Creator avatars, to generate realistic musical performances using an audio input signal in the form of an MP3 or a MIDI.

Inside users can control different perspectives ranging from Top Camera, Chest Camera (mounted camera), Head Camera, Orbit Camera, and even a Director Camera for cinematic cuts that make it easy to use in high quality productions.

This allows for users to create everything from cinematic shorts, musical lessons, live concerts, and music animations straight from the downloadable software which you can currently use at no cost.

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