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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try 2D Animation

This article is featured on MakeUseOf

How do you get people to listen to you? Easy! Don’t tell them, show them!

In this post, you will learn the three reasons why everybody should be using 2D animation to communicate with others. If you want to teach something new, promote a new product, share a new message, spread Bible stories, or talk about personal experiences, animation is something that can make whatever you have to say, much more interesting.

Let’s introduce Dr. Dan, who is proof of that. How do you get a little three-year-old girl to understand that she needs to go to the dentist? You don’t tell her, you show her! This is what Dr. Dan did with one of his patients. He managed to get her to stop hating going to the dentist and started loving it!

Instead of “going-to-the-dentist” day — it transformed into “going-to-see-the-next-animation-he-has-for-me” day.

Instead of her being afraid, she became excited to go.

Sounds crazy? A girl excited to go see the dentist? Read on to find out how he did it.

First we need to understand: Why does animation make your message much more interesting?

Easy! Because 

  1. It’s Easier to Understand
  2. It’s Fun to Watch
  3. It’s Fun to Do


Animation is EASIER to understand precisely because of the principle “don’t tell them, show them.”

Let’s do a quick test.

Which one is easier (and sometimes faster) to understand?

OPTION A (telling):

OPTION B (showing):

(Animated with Cartoon Animator 5)

Be honest, which one would you prefer to see if you were in a class and the teacher was presenting this lesson in PowerPoint, option A or B?


Animation is more FUN TO WATCH and more entertaining, than just reading text.

Here is another quick test:

OPTION A (graphic card):

OPTION B (animated card):

If it was your birthday, which one would you prefer to see in your inbox, option A or B?


Animation is much more FUN TO DO than just writing.

We can all agree that doing an animated video takes more time. But it doesn’t take as much time as you think when you use the right tools! Having the right tools can get the job done really fast — maybe not as fast as just writing something, but it is so much fun to do!

To illustrate this point, let’s go back to Dr. Dan and explain why he started using Cartoon Animator to do animations for his family, friends, co-workers, and patients. He could just write his thoughts on a piece of paper, and instead, he used animation. That took him more time, but why did he do it? “Because animating is fun!” — Dr. Dan.

How a doctor with no 2D animation experience used cartoons to get a ten-year-old patient to love going to the dentist?

Dr. Dan is not an animator, he is a doctor with little time to animate. He got Cartoon Animator and started experimenting with it (today Cartoon Animator comes bundled with Free Courses so beginners can get a kick start).

This story started when a little three-year-old girl came to visit him at his clinic. She was an ideal patient for her age for many sessions. Around session four, Dr. Dan had to give her fluoride and she had to keep it in her mouth for one minute. This is when it started. She started screaming, yelling, and kicking, so they postponed the treatment.

Dan noticed that she had a puppet with her, before she went away he asked: “That puppet you’ve got there, what is her name?” She responded with one word: “Dolly” Dr. Dan then politely asked: “Is it ok if I take a picture of her?” She didn’t mind and Dr. Dan took a picture. Little did she know, Dr. Dan was planning to create a full animation with that picture. This was the picture of the doll with the respective adjustments to make an animated image.

One month later. The little girl comes back, again, adamant and reluctant as last time to open her mouth for the fluoride when Dr. Dan noticed she had another puppet with her, it was not Dolly, but a new one. Before Dr. Dan asked to sit down in the patient’s seat to check her out, he took out his iPad and said: “Remember when I took a picture of Dolly? Look, she prepared something for you” The little girl didn’t smile, and instead squinted her eyes. “What could that mean? Dolly did something for me?” Then Dr. Dan played an animated video of HER PUPPET dancing and singing a song, telling her to take care of her teeth so she could eat better and be happy.

The little girl was so impressed, she could not close her eyes and kept her mouth open the entire time. How was this possible? For her, that puppet was only one of many, and after the animation ended, she stared at the doctor, impressed and with respect.

Dr. Dan said: “If you listen to Dolly, I could take another picture of this other puppet and make another animated video if you promise to come back next month and take your fluoride for one minute.” Her whole attitude changed, she was now very cooperative and excited. She kept the fluoride for one min in her mouth and behaved like a little angel. She has been one of the most exceptional patients Dr. Dan has had.

After that she has never missed a month, always coming back happy and smiling, and always with a new puppet, always curious about the new animation Dr. Dan can make for her. In total, she brought all six of her puppet dolls. And Dr. Dan has created animated images for each of them.

Notice that this is probably not a 2D animation Netflix would put on their streaming channel but WHO CARES! It served its purpose! A little three-year-old got excited to go to the dentist! Not only that, but she now keeps her fluoride in her mouth for one minute without any screaming, yelling, or kicking! Any parent knows how valuable this is!

If a dentist with no experience in 2D animation can animate, anyone can.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, now everyone can do animation when they have the right tools.

Just like Steve Jobs made it possible for every single person to be able to use computers by making devices easy to use, Reallusion has made it possible for anyone to do complex 2D animations easily with a few clicks and drags in Cartoon Animator.

Animation is (1) easy to understand, (2) fun to watch, and (3) fun to do!

You don’t need years of experience to do it, you just need the right reasons and the right tools.

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The original article was written by Mark Diaz and featured on MakeUseOf.

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