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My name is Suphakanya Promjaree, and I am based in Thailand. See Sapann’s Feature Story

Originally I got invited by Reallusion to join their community as a content developer for CrazyTalk Animator content after their community gave me high praises for my work on Shutterstock.

Recently, I had found one of Reallusion’s software Cloud Animator which allows me to create interactive presentations to introduce and boost my content sales by allowing others to link to my product more directly and easily.

Before Cloud Animator, I used images and YouTube videos to introduce my work. This was OK, but it didn’t allow my audiences to easily click and revert back to me like in Cloud Animator. 




How did you learn about Cloud Animator (CLA)?

The first time was through the Reallusion Youtube channel which I subscribe to. I was interested but never thought of its potential, until I saw other users using it to promote their content in an interactive way. Then I realized that this is what I was looking for as it would allow audiences to visit my site, or even email me directly.

What do you think about Cloud Animator? 

I think CLA is great tool to easily make explainer presentations. It does not take long time to get familiar with the tool. Its very easy to use, and highly customizable. It’s also extremely useful to allow creators like myself to directly connect with my customers and fans. Just take a look at the presentations I created. Inside you can find links that allow people to visit my webpage to see other works, and to even contact me if needed.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of Cloud Animator? 

Well, inside there are a variety of templates and motion effects to choose from. You can work with images and GIF files that can be easily added to any project. In addition, CLA projects are editable by coworker through the “Cowork” function. Personally, I like that Cloud Animator can directly bring people to my content website. This sets it apart from other traditional YouTube videos where people have to be motivated enough to dig into the video description to find a link.

Which Cloud Animator features  do you like the most? Why? (link interactive setting/ motion effect/ content template/ full timeline editing, Text-to-speech, youtube video, GIF support, easy to share on social media)

For me, I really like the GIF support since I can use CrazyTalk Animator 3 to create animated GIFs and then quickly add them to Cloud Animator. This itself provides a huge benefit as GIF animate presentations get way more attention than other static projects.

Besides using Cloud Animator to promote your content packs, what else would you be using Cloud Animator for?

Oh that’s easy. If I create my own brand with my own product or service, then I would surely be using CLA to create promo videos to share on social media. This is further enabled as all Cloud Animator projects have a share function that allow users to view the project on any device. Now this is super neat, as I can literally have people see my products anywhere, on any device.

Finally, what new Cloud Animator features or improvements do you wish to see in the future?

Well, I’d say larger GIF files could be useful,  but I understand that bigger files would create a loading issue. Besides this, I really can’t think of anything else I would want.

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