Befores & Afters: The Art of Crafting War Scenes for Previs

Previs Director Mohammad Khalikh details the role of iClone in visualizing Amazon Prime India’s “The Forgotten Army”

Befores & Afters journalist Ian Failes interviewed Mohammad on how he took advantage of Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator to deliver the previs for The Forgotten Army – Azaadi ke Liye. This highly watched production garnered 23 million views on its YouTube trailer

Khalikh worked for Pre-Production Company, founded by Kamal Sadanah, on the previs for The Forgotten Army. Supervisor Gigi George worked closely with a team of four artists – Shilpa Hegde, Manpreet Singh, Philip Verghese and Khalikh. Each artist concentrated on specific shots in the series.

The workflow began with asset creation. Khalikh started by generating characters with a low-poly character from Makehuman, converting them into objects with multiple perform animations which were made into hundreds of soldiers attacking the Indian army.

“Now with the new features in Character Creator, it is easier to make low-poly models using the LOD feature.”

— Mohammad Khalikh
Character Creator digital actors in the previs.

Khalikh has been an iClone user for three years and he found it extremely well-suited for movie previs due to its ease of use and fast rendering time.

“When it comes to previs, we don’t require final animation: so iClone is the best software for because of its real-time renders and the use of motion-captured files.”

— Mohammad Khalikh

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